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holi Open Source

holi is Open Source! In addition to our open repositories on GitLab you can find all relevant documentation here.


This site is the central place for all documentation related to holi. We're just at the start so it's still a little empty here. But bear with us, there's more to come :).

About holi

The holi app is the network for engaged people and organisations to take action together. holi combines existing social apps and digital tools into one home. The goal? holi becomes a community-focused ecosystem. People can get inspired, grow, network, get resources and collaborate to create positive impact together.

  • You are looking to act for the common good? holi makes it easy and convenient. It is where your ideas can become actions!
  • You are tired of anti-social social networks? holi is your alternative to social platforms as you know them. We are stronger together! holi connects you with matching initiatives and provides a safe home for digital exchange and inspiration.
  • You want to help develop the ecosystem? holi is Open Source Software, you can participate in its development.